2017 Germany Frankfurt Prolight+Sound Exhibition: DGX create new age

As far as Europe's major industrial and commercial, financial services and transportation centers - Frankfurt, International Prolight + Sound Exhibition is holding at the Frankfurt am Main International Exhibition Center, about 2,000 wellknown companies from around the world, As a pioneer and leader in creative customized special shape LED display,  DGX has become one of the most eyecatching exhibitors with advanced technology and cutting edge creative design concept, attracted lots of buyers and visitors from all over the world.


▲ DGX latest stage LED overall solution

▲Frankfurt am Main International Exhibition Center 4.0 Hall H59 DGX booth

▲The Popular patented product- MASK screen

DGX threedimension ring screen, dozens of sizes to meet and widely used to the different commercial space

▲The most popular DJ booth - 5-star DJ booth

▲ DGX full color interactive LED dancing floor

▲ Lots of customers come to be attracted by DGX booth, all exhibits sold out at the first day in exhibition

With customer’s continuous approval and praise, DGX have obtained dozens of LED product patents, In the future, DGX will continuously focus on innovation, creation of product and design concept,  as always insist on aim to provide innovative quality product and attentive service.